We all love Twitter, its a fantastic way to stay in touch with our dear friends, also to keep in touch with the world events,from news to entertainment, sports and our favourite subjects, politics and so much more. Also, it is so interactive we can express our opinions and thoughts on basically every subject, known to mankind. But with all the new programs out today to hack Twitter accounts, how can we protect our Twitter account from being hacked?

Secure your Account

Before we <Click to Tweet>, lets make sure we have secured our phone. As with all social media, we are encouraged to do the following: 1) have a strong password, a strong password is about 10 characters long and should be a solid Alphanumerical password. What is that? Basically it is a password with a mix of lower case and upper case letters and numbers with symbols. 2) Use login verification, Twitter has a 2-step verification that guarantees that only you can access your account. It takes under a minute to do and it is worth the time to prevent someone from trying to hack Twitter. How does it work? It’s easy, when you try to log on to your account, Twitter will send you a verification number and then to log on, enter the verification code. But how can we turn on this security setting? Just go to “security settings” in our Twitter account and under “login verification” is the option to “send login verification codes”. Visit this site for more information :

SPAM is Bad

Nobody really enjoys eating SPAM and honestly there is no real nutritional value to it, the same goes for the spam we receive on Twitter. But you may ask what is this spam on my Twitter account? Well, it comes in several forms, here are some of the main ones to avoid: 1) Phishing ads, the purpose of these tweets, is to get your password from you to hack your account. They might claim you have won something, or your account has been hacked and you need to verify your account though their link.  2) 3rd party apps and websites, have the sole purpose to hack Twitter by gaining access approved by you, yourself to your Twitter account. The best way to prevent this is to remove any third party apps or websites from your list of followers. 3) Know whom you follow and your followers, it is hard to know personally everyone on our list of followers or following, but knowing of them can give you a faint idea of what type of links they could send you, so it would be easy to identify a malicious link.  Following these precautions will help prevent your Twitter account from being hacked. Click here.

What to do if Our Twitter Account is Hacked

        The last thing in the world that we want is our Twitter account to be hacked.  Today, sadly there are so many websites that explain how to hack Twitter or hack Twitter. If we do fall victim to being hacked, here are some helpful hints on how to repair the damage: 1)Change your password, go to the settings in your account and reset your new password. 2)Revoke any strange applications, go to settings again and go to Application Access and eliminate any strange applications.3)Send a direct message to all your followers, to tell them that you have been hacked and not to open any malicious links that might have been sent to them from you. We wouldn’t want our dear followers and friends to be hacked too. The key in these measures is to act fast and prevent more damage caused from the hack.

We need to take all the precautions that are available to us, it may take a bit of time to clean up our account from 3rd party followers or apps, learn to identify spam, make a secure password, etc. But it will give us peace of mind, that we have taken all the precautionary measures to prevent someone from trying to hack Twitter.

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