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The story behind my Triumph Street Triple
Kawasaki Ninja 300

I’ve always loved the look of the Triumph Street Triple. They are gorgeous bikes and I’m told Triumphs are very reliable. One day, I was out riding around, not going anywhere in particular and I went past a white Street Triple. I was thinking to myself how pretty the bike was and how comfortable it looked, I couldn’t resist myself, I had to have a go. Luckily, I live close to a Triumph dealer and I went to them to ask if I could maybe test ride one, obviously not a problem for them so they gave me the keys and off I went!read this article here!

Up until this point, the biggest bike I’d ridden was a CB500R and it didn’t have much on the 675cc, Inline-3 engine that the Street Triple has. I started off slow and the first thing I noticed was that this bike was comfortable, very comfortable. You get the feeling that you look good on this bike, too, like a total “badass”. Then there was the sheer power of the Street Triple, it was ridiculous, and it seemed like I’d never have to change gear – it was quite happy doing 30mph in first gear. I’m pretty sure the bike could beat some small cars in a race using only first gear, it’s rather impressive.

The Triumph Street Triple is fast

Really fast. I tried my hardest to not open up the throttle, but I couldn’t help it. I had to give it some. I twisted the throttle back and almost instantly I’m doing prison-sentence speeds, the beautiful 3-cylinder Triumph Street Triple engine is more than enough power. It’s so smooth, as well, that’s another thing I’d noticed – how smooth it was! I’ve never ridden something so smooth, it was like riding on a cloud. The only thing I didn’t like about the Street Triple at first was the exhaust. It’s like the entire bike was sculpted by God and on the 7th day, he rested, leaving Stevie Wonder to finish the exhaust.more news from http://www.bikebiz.com/index.php/news/read/brixton-cycles-becomes-first-crowd-funded-bike-shop/018588

It was time to return the Street Triple back to the dealer. He knew…he knew that when I walked through those doors, I was going to buy one. I explained to the guy at the dealership how amazing I thought the bike was, and told him I’d “think about it”. The next day, I went back and I put down some money to have a Triumph Street Triple ordered in green, to match my Kawasaki Ninja 300. It took a few weeks, but I got it, I got my Street Triple, In green, with some of the extras; a seat cowl, a fly-screen and a belly-pan. I also got a new, smaller, louder exhaust; a GPR Italia, which is an AMAZING exhaust. It makes a lovely sound and people are constantly asking me about the exhaust and complimenting me on the sound of it.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

That’s the story behind my Triumph Street Triple. I highly recommend this bike…to everyone. It’s got the speed, it’s got the comfort or if you don’t like speed, it’s quite happy doing slow-speed rides. I think Triumph built the Street Triple to be fast and comfortable and also have the maneuvering ability of the Triumph Daytona.