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The 6 Best Growth Hacks to Get Customers Without Having to Pay for Them
Growth Hacks
Twitter Hacks: 7 ways to gain more followers

People like you often want many followers on twitter and want to promote their products but they are unable to engage more people for their brand. Here 7 ways to gain more followers on twitter are discussed for you in brief. Or in other words here you are going to learn how to hack Twitter by using right ways. So, have a look!

  • Newsjack:

There is need to monitor constantly so that you may find occurrences worth newjacking. For this purpose you can use Twitter Monitoring. In this way you will come up with latest stories in one alert that will be sent to your inbox. Wait for the time when a story breaks and do whatever you want to grab attention. It will work because popular new stories often become trends and attract global audience.

  • Answer questions:

You will find millions of people who are looking for your help and advice. People often ask different questions. By answering them you can grasp their attention. If they will be satisfied with your brilliant advice or suggestion, they are supposed to visit your profile at once and follow at least; because they will also look for your answers at the next time, if they are confused. Forget about to hack Twitter by using other means, just try this and trust me it really works!

  • Use automatic favouriting:

It’s a Twitter tactic that most of the successful companies use to bring more followers to their page. You can get automatic favouriting when you will use some certain phrases, hashtags or certain words. Its prompts you to look at those all accounts it was favourited by and potentially start following them.

  • Be concise and use sticky tweets

Grab the attention of people by using some short lines or using some quotes or tips. People are not supposed to be there on Twitter to read you long article. Be concise so that people may read your tweet, retweet and follow you.  More info in our featured post!

  • Offline promotion:

People never rely just on one option rather every time they try to find some new means to do the things. It’s not decisive and possible for you to sit for long hours in front of your laptop to promote your page. Instead you can also use offline means such as while meeting to someone, give them your visiting card and ask them to follow you more updates and news. You will be surprised that they are definitely going to follow you!

  • Optimize Your Bio:

It’s important to optimize your bio so that when people search new people to follow, your account come up in front of them in search results. You can do it by optimizing first sentence of your profile to grasp the attention of people.

  • Participate in twitter chat:

Twitter chats are greatly helpful for bringing more followers. The people of the same interests are likely to follow each other.

Hence, the above mentioned tips can prove vital to hack twitter and getting more followers.

More tips in this link: http://www.leemunroe.com/tips-more-twitter-followers/.